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Chapter Highlight

Daytona Beach Chapter's Dance Spree Weekend

Saturday Evening. Photo courtesy Bobby Wiech

Thanks to all the attendees of the 2021 Dance Spree. We had a fun time!!!

Dance Spree “Campers”

You were greeted by the Daytona Beach, Florida, Chapter “Campers” who were there in camping outfits. We welcomed the members from Savannah, Georgia, who were first to arrive, then came more Florida Chapters, to include: Tallahassee, Vero, Ocala and Southern Star chapters.

Seven chapters total were represented this year, with Orlando joining us on Saturday for the Leadership Meeting. Newly appointed Lolita Brawner, our District Nine Director, conducted the Leadership Meeting on Saturday. 

We kicked off Friday night with a wonderful Samba lesson by instructors Angela and Viorel Ionita, followed by great pizzas, Greek salad, and baklava.

Chapters on Parade:

Team Match Winners

Friday night, after a few laps around the ballroom by the Chapters on Parade, four teams participate in a Team Match. The match was won by “Tallahassee” members: Terry Hague and Pam Harrell (foxtrot), Zachary Fournier and Pam Harrell (swing), Michael Webb and Elisabeth Fischer (waltz) and Janet Martin and Michael Webb (cha cha). Second place was Team Ground Hoggs (Daytona) followed by Moon River Dancers and Hot Toddies tying for third place.

Jack and Jill Winners

The “Jack and Jill” was won by Kurt Rector (Savannah) dancing with Pam Harrell, (Tallahassee). Friday night 30/30/30 winners were Pam Harrell, Rob Kretschmar, and Angela Ionita.

We continued with our dancing until approximately 10:30 p.m., when everyone decided it was time to head back and rest up for Saturday.

Salsa Workshop

Starting at 9 a.m. we had a full day of workshops on Saturday with rhythm dances.  Kevin Guerra taught Salsa and Bachata, and Joe Mounts, taught Bolero, Cha Cha and West Coast Swing.  After lunch, we had Viorel and Angela for Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep and Viennese Waltz. It looked like everyone enjoyed them all. 

Pat Graffin – Ocala Chapter President

As the workshops were going on, elsewhere in the building the annual USA Dance Chapter Leadership Meeting was held. It was attended by presidents and board members – Darla Schmidt and Deb Blechman (Orlando), Greg Marcum (Greater Daytona), Pat Graffin (Ocala), and Rebecca Kelly (Tallahassee). Thank you for your support and for bringing your members along for the fun. 

We opened the doors to the public, and not just package holders, for the Saturday night dance and had about 50 dancers on the dance floor.

Saturday evening started with a delicious catered dinner, the Greater Daytona Chapter kicked off the evening with a Snowball Mixer and danced all night long. It was so nice to see so many familiar faces that have attended year after year, plus a few new ones who said they would definitely be back.

Performing exhibitions on Saturday with their “Quickstep” were locals, Bobby and Monica Wiech. The Daytona Salsa/Bachata Team also performed for us, wowing the crowd. Thank you all for your performances.

For the 30/30/30, we had two lucky winners!  Receiving $27 on Saturday night was Rebecca Kelly, and Chris Carr’s number was pulled twice so she went home with $54. 

Daytona Chapter Board of Directors

A huge thanks once again to everyone who jumped in and helped and to those who are always there for me. The Greater Daytona Chapter Board was in full force to help with the event: Greg Marcum, President; Bobby Wiech, Treasurer; Marta Barker, Secretary; Monica Wiech, Membership; Denny Bolling, Hospitality; Rob Kretschmar, Instructor Coordinator;. Henry, our DJ both nights; and members Tom Sanders and Clarence Pan. Thanks to you all for your hard work!

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